Fish collagen


Collagen fractions and their roles:

  • Support collagen formation (bones, tendons, cartilage,…)
  • Muscle development 
  • Reinforcement of cartilage

Fish collagen

Collagen is a structural protein composed of amino acids such as hydroxyproline, a derivate from proline. This specific amino acid is involved in growth, and allows, in combination with vitamin C, the stabilisation of the collagenic chains that induce the reinforcement of bones, tendons and cartilage, but also of the muscular structure.

Hydroxyproline structures the collagen fibres in order to improve the resistance to traction, by means of chemical links between the surrounding polypeptide chains. Publications indicate that a feed supply of collagen fraction will improve muscle development in growing horses. A positive effect of hydroxyproline on cartilage in vitro has been proven in horses.