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This period is often considered as less important - but it is very important for future champions. Remember that whilst statistics show that genetics are a key factor, numerous other factors such as the quality of the environment are essential for the harmonious development of young horses.

Access to an excellent meadow, to healthy water, the quality control of the basic feeding together with optimal supplementation, the beginning of early work or not, the follow-up of the biological balances, trimming, examination of the growth curves are many factors which will have a determining influence on the future career of the horse.

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Sport and racing


Recommended daily quantity

As soon as possible: a few grams (max. 20 g)

After weaning: 1 scoop = 40 g

Very sophisticated supplementary feed, supplying growing horses with vitamins, trace elements, magnesium, various amino acids, pro- and pre-biotics, necessary for optimal development and for the diversification of the intestinal flora.

Sport and racing


Recommended daily quantity

1 scoop = 20 g

The world reference for mineral and organic complex for horses during growth. Start at 3 weeks with a few grams to arrive at weaning at 20 g and after weaning rise progressively to arrive at 40 grams per day when they are a year old.