The high quality TWYDIL® programmes ensure that your horses achieve racing performances as close as possible to their full potential.

TWYDIL® remains worldwide the only company to undertake antidoping controls on each batch of the product before release. An overdose of a representative sample of each batch of the finished product with the respective formulas is given to a horse and its blood and urine are tested for a range of forbidden substances. The institution in charge of the tests is the LCH (Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques).



For some years now – and depending on the countries and the sports federations – some substance extracts have tested positive during controls. TWYDIL®’s approach to solve this challenge has been to carry out a study on horses to better understand the kinetics of urinary elimination in horses. This study revealed that urinary elimination is almost complete within 18-24h; however, a withdrawal period of 48 hours has been established in cooperation with the authorities. This applies to the following products: TWYDIL® ARTRIDIL with Harpagophytum, TWYDIL® MUCOPROTECT and TWYDIL® HIPPACAN+C. Each of these products bears a visible and legible mention of this indication of 48 hours withdrawal period on the package.