Sulphurated amino acids and their roles:

  • Muscular anabolism
  • Formation of skin, hoof, coat
  • Indispensable for optimal growth
  • Needed for physical exercise

Sulphurated amino acids and their sources:

  • Whey proteins
  • Eggs
  • Soya

Amongst the sulphurated amino acids, it is necessary to consider cystine and methionine. 

It seems that methionine is a limiting amino acid in diets for sport horses. It plays a particular role in protein biosynthesis. It is important to remember that vitamin B12 acts as coenzyme in the synthesis of methionine.

The estimated needs for methionine are 0,18 g per kg of metabolic weight and per day.

The metabolic weight corresponds to the horse's weight to the power of 0.75: for example a horse of 450 kg:  450 0.75 = 98 kg of metabolic weight; such a horse will need 17.6 g of this amino acid per day.