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Iron (Fe)

Iron and its roles: 
  • Essential for the haem formation, responsible for oxygen transportation in red blood cells
  • Important during growth

Iron is an ubiquitous element which is essential for plants and animals. Although an iron deficiency is very rare in equines, an adequate intake is required in order to obtain a good bioavailability of the other trace elements.
Its role is linked to its oxidant capacity and its property as a catalytic agent.
If we consider the horse's needs for iron, they are estimated at 6 to 10 mg per day and per kg of metabolic weight.
The metabolic weight corresponds to the horse's weight to the power of 0,75: for example a horse of 450 kg = 450 0,75 = 98 kg of metabolic weight; such a horse will need 580 to 970 mg of this trace element per day.
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The season has begun and with the increase of the workload, the risk of gastric ulcers is maximum.

For your horses in lack of fitness, think of TWYDIL® STOMACARE. This product keeps your athletes in good shape, ensures their gastric well-being and strengthens their stomach defenses.

Studies show that the activity of the product is visible after 2 weeks with a maximum effect occuring after 4 weeks of complementation. TWYDIL® STOMACARE should be given 15 minutes before exercise.