Cobalt (Co)


Cobalt and its roles:

  • Component of B12 vitamin
  • Essential for red blood cell formation
Cobalt (Co)

Cobalt is a mineral element found in rocks and the soil. It is an essential component of the B12 vitamin. This vitamin is closely associated with the methylation metabolism and is a limiting factor for haematogenesis. Cobalt is an essential trace element for animal growth and health, and the possibility cannot be ruled out that it may have a metabolic effect other than as a constituent of vitamin B12.

Bioavailability of cobalt from various cobalt salts is variable and depends on the chemical form. The needs are relatively low and are estimated to be 0,075 mg/kg of metabolic weight per day.

The metabolic weight corresponds to the horse's weight to the power of 0.75: for example a horse of 450 kg : 450 0.75 = 98 kg of metabolic weight. Such a horse will need 7.3 g of this trace element per day from its diet.