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Biotin (vitamin H) and its roles:
  • Supports energy storage through enzymic glycogen production.
  • Controls production of structured and hard proteins, such as keratin for skin and hoofs.
  • Involved in fatty acids synthesis.
  • Given in excess biotin may result in a horse being over-excited. Biotin in combination with other vitamins such as vitamin B12 will not induce this.

Biotin and its sources:
  • Legumes (soya, lucerne, peas)
  • Dried yeast
  • Cereals

Biotin is a stable water-soluble vitamin largely unaffected by production processes.

Its role is generated by its action as coenzyme for carboxylation. This chemical reaction is important in gluconeogenesis and also protein synthesis, particularly the production of “hard” proteins such as keratin. In particular it controls the carboxylation of acetyl co-enzyme A in fatty acid synthesis.

Depending on the physiological status of the horse, the needs vary from 0.3 to 1.8 mg of biotin per day. In case of some poor skin, coat or hoof conditions, up to 15 mg/day may be required for a period of 1 month. 
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The season has begun and with the increase of the workload, the risk of gastric ulcers is maximum.

For your horses in lack of fitness, think of TWYDIL® STOMACARE. This product keeps your athletes in good shape, ensures their gastric well-being and strengthens their stomach defenses.

Studies show that the activity of the product is visible after 2 weeks with a maximum effect occuring after 4 weeks of complementation. TWYDIL® STOMACARE should be given 15 minutes before exercise.