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The products on this website are not available in their current form in the USA. A selection of TWYDIL® products appearing on this website have been exclusively and specifically produced to meet FDA guidelines and are being currently distributed in the USA. Please contact our exclusive US distributor for further information on available products:
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Foals have been weaned by now. Think of complementing them with TWYDIL® GROWING, a formula specifically designed to strengthen them.

This product definitely helps to keep foals in good condition, to reinforce their natural defenses, to stabilize the intestinal flora and to ensure their well-being through a support of all body systems.

It meets the special needs of growing horses at stud, as well as horses in pre-training or late horses in training.

Studies show that after 3 weeks the plasma values are stable and that the maximum effect occurs after 6 weeks of complementation.

TWYDIL® GROWING is also recommended for sales preparation.