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The products on this website are not available in their current form in the USA. A selection of TWYDIL® products appearing on this website have been exclusively and specifically produced to meet FDA guidelines and are being currently distributed in the USA. Please contact our exclusive US distributor for further information on available products:
+1 646 812 50 62.


They are your horse’s companion from the mare’s womb to retirement.
They are designed to optimize its sporting life in any discipline.

This section of the website is meant to help you combine different TWYDIL® products. The suggested combinations have previously been tested on thousands of horses and are adapted to specific physiological needs of horses in different disciplines.

The indicated quantities are meant for products used daily and represent average values calculated and tested for normal feeding. For use under special conditions please ask your veterinary surgeon or your horse nutritionist.





TWYDIL® workshop for young riders from different continents. This event was organized by T.M....

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The season is about to change and every horseman knows that horses tend towards tiredness at this time of the year. Furthermore most competitions have already started. It's the perfect time to energetically assist your horse with TWYDIL® RACING/ COMPETITION. It guarantees an excellent metabolic level throughout the season and avoids a drop of form.