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The products on this website are not available in their current form in the USA. A selection of TWYDIL® products appearing on this website have been exclusively and specifically produced to meet FDA guidelines and are being currently distributed in the USA. Please contact our exclusive US distributor for further information on available products:
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TWYDIL® was present at the Annual General Assembly of The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) near Geneva.




TWYDIL® was there during the Belgium Championship for Young Horses to meet vets, breeders and...

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For many horses the season is not over, and the accumulation of competitions is responsible for many modifications in the body, especially in the joints.

TWYDIL® ARTRIDIL helps to maintain the joints functional and to increase the comfort during effort and is particularly recommended until the end of the season.

Highly selected ingredients ensure bioavailability and efficacy, through sophisticated physiochemical characteristics.

Number one phenomenon to explain the cartilage erosion is called the enzymatic stress. Our studies indicate that TWYDIL® ARTRIDIL is able to modulate this enzymatic stress.