Objectives :


To soothe the stomach and coat its lining.
Indications :




To help soothe the stomach.
Erratic appetite. Loss of weight.
Yawning during meals and teeth grinding.
Composition : Refined fatty acids, glucosamine fibres, silicic acid.



Anti-doping certificate
Officially certified can be used without risk up to the day of the competition. 

Declared content guaranteed until expiry date.

Thanks to the exceptional quality of the ingredients used and to the high technology of the manufacturing process, TWYDIL® is able, under appropriate conditions of storage and use, to guarantee the content for the shelf life of this product.

Instructions for daily use :


Depending on the case, one or two mouth syringes per day for one month, squeezed onto the horse’s tongue. Should be given after the light morning meal and before exercise.
Presentation :


Box containing 30 mouth syringes of 60 g each.

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